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When Is It Time To Move To Assisted Living?

Moving to assisted living is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. It means a big change in your life and your lifestyle, not to mention considerable disruption of your habits and finances.

So, when is it time to make a change in your living?

Care Needs Are Beyond Home Care

This might seem like an obvious one, but at some point the care a person requires can exceed that of what a normal home offers. This can mean that the equipment required is not available in one’s home but more likely it’s because the level of attention and care that is needed is not possible at a home. School, work, and other obligations means full-time supervision is not always possible, so when it starts to be required it can be time to move.

This scenario can also extend to the expertise and even the physical strength required to care for someone. If an elderly person has their movement or vision impaired then

Home Stops Being a Safe Place

Not every home is ideal for every scenario. Once-benign things like steps, bathtubs, and slippery tiles can become unnecessary hazards for the elderly.

Stress to Family and Caregivers

Caregiving can be extremely rewarding but it’s an unavoidably stressful activity. This can be compounded when health or mental state deteriorates, or there are conflicts with work and other activities.

Less obvious conflicts can cause extreme stress as well. A constant lack of free time or sleep for the caregiver can, over time, lead to frayed nerves, anger, and emotional distress. These things can affect the quality of care, the health of the caregiver, and even relationships between family members.

Trying to Leave

If someone is trying to leave the home constantly it can be a sign of dementia. In this scenario it’s possible to impede leaving, but this isn’t something that most homes can do well or that most caregivers are able to sustain 24 hours a day. A memory care facility is often the best option in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Costs Are Too High

Senior living facilities can be expensive, but at-home care isn’t necessarily more affordable. Aging in place can mean the lack of job growth from family members (due to limited time availability) as well as the need for expensive equipment, home modifications, specialized automobiles, and at-home nursing. These things can quickly escalate from being small costs to being prohibitively expensive — before which it makes sense to explore a senior community.