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Watertown Convalarium, Inc

Watertown Convalarium, Inc Information

Facility Name Watertown Convalarium, Inc
Location 560 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CT 6795
County (SSA Code) Litchfield (20)
Phone Number 860-274-6748
Certification(s)Medicare and Medicaid
Number of Beds46
Average Number of Residents34.5
CCRC Facility? No
Medicare Overall Rating
Survey Rating
Quality Rating
Long Stay Quality Rating
Short Stay Quality Rating

Abuse Flag No
Sprinklers InstalledYes
Located In Hospital No
Resident Family CouncilResident

Provider Business NameMVM INC
Ownership TypeFor profit - Corporation
Date First Approved1990-09-14

Total Weighted Health Survey Score for three cycles130
Rating cycle 1 Standard Survey Health Date2019-09-12
Rating cycle 1 - Health Deficiency Score7
Rating cycle 1 - Total Health Inspection Score171
Date of Rating cycle 2 Standard Health Survey Date2018-11-29
Rating cycle 2 - Health Deficiency Score114
Date of Rating cycle 3 Standard Health Survey Date2018-01-05
Rating cycle 3 - Health Deficiency Score24
Rating cycle 3 - Total Health Inspection Score24

Number of Facility-Reported Incidents0
Number of Substantiated Complaints0
Number of Substantiated Complaints0
Number of Fines1
Total Amount of Fines (in Dollars)10318
Number of Payment Denials1
Total Number of Penalties2

Data Filing Date2020-10-01
Page Last Updated2020-11-28